Getting girls involved in sport

As the new school term approaches, it is the PE kit that causes the most concern for girls. In recent years there has been some concern that girls are not getting involved enough in sport. There are a number of Cheap Football Kits available at as well as other sports kit options. This has led to several initiatives that have been designed specifically with girls in mind and here we look at some of those initiatives together with some ideas for sports that girls may want to participate in.

In 2012 the BBC reported on a study that was conducted by Loughborough University for the Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation which found that over half of girls are put off by PE lessons. Additionally girls felt they didn’t want to undertake sport in front of boys and didn’t find PE lessons appealing. This was particularly the case with older girls.

The UK Approach

In England a new campaign initiative has been launched by Sport England called ‘This Girl Can’. The programme aims to get girls and women to participate in sport without fear of judgment about their size, ability or physical fitness. In Scotland it was decided to tackle this reluctance in girls to participate in sport via a joint initiative between the Youth Sports Trust and SportScotland called Fit for Girls. The aims of this were to get girls and schools working together to change the culture of sport among girls and to increase their participation.

Sports to get involved with

The main sports offered to girls at school are usually sports such as netball, hockey and athletics. All of these sports require a good level of physical fitness and as well as playing competitively.

Hockey and netball are also popular sports among women wanting to get back into sport, while women and girls wanting to do sport outside of work or school may want to take part in exercise classes such as Zumba or activities such as swimming or cycling.

If you are a girl or woman reading this then hopefully this has inspired you to get involved in sport and to ask at school about sports you can do or find out where you can participate in your chosen sport locally in your free time. With the England team progressing so well in the Women’s World Cup currently it will be interesting to see whether more and more girls will be drawn into this as a sport.