Get to Know the Daily Routine Changes After Gastric Bypass

Decided on the bypass gastrectomy and want to get to know more about what awaits after? Starting a more balanced life is way more than just changing the menu. Well, it’s definitely a significant part of the new routine, but not the only one. Specialists share their insights on the new habits that lead to an enriching weight-loss journey.

Strict Nutrition Plan

Let’s start with one of the most discussed bariatric topics – post-op diet. Despite the surgical weight loss treatment, the food ration changes for good. Seems like an obvious one to mention, but the right food is a base when reaching a desired weight and health condition. It’s crucial to maintain variety and integrate protein-rich products. Such as:

  • Fish
  • Lean meat
  • Low-fat yoghurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Eggs

Protein is vital to keep your energy level high with relatively small portions. When it comes to fat, choose the good ones from avocados, salmon, nuts, etc. Carbs should make a minor part of the daily menu.

Suppose you’ve decided to research a gastric bypass Lithuania. Looking over the clinics abroad, make sure there is a whole team of recognized bariatric specialists. A nutritionist will be the one to take care of your nutrient-rich menu before and after the procedure. Meaning, you don’t have to experiment or worry about your daily menu.

Regular Physical Activity

A healthy lifestyle is inseparable from physical activity. Especially when there is a goal to lose weight and, later on – to maintain it. Therefore, you’ll have to find any activity that makes you feel strong and energized for the day. Let it be fast walking, swimming, or hiking, whatever feels best individually.

Keep in mind that your case is unique, and so the exercising plan should be. By the way, opting for a highly professional clinic, you get a full sports specialist’s assistance.

Slow Eating Habits

While the post-op menu changes, there is one more vital thing to deepen into. And that’s slow eating or so-called conscious eating. Just a few guidelines of slower daily meals’ routines:

  • At least 20–30 minutes for one meal.
  • Eating in small portions.
  • No drinks while eating.
  • Drinking in small sips.
  • Avoiding overeating.

In other words, it’s not only about what you eat but also how the process looks like.

Finally, gastric bypass is just the first step towards new experiences and a balanced routine. Seems like there is an enriching and healthy lifestyle to discover.