Family Fresh Air Time for all

When the kids are off school, it’s all too easy to let them play on their games consoles or tablets, especially in the colder months. If you want to make sure they get their daily quota of fresh air then here are some great family ideas for getting out and about in the winter sunshine:

  • Geocaching

If you’ve not heard of this activity then it’s the ideal combination of playing an app but getting out and about on an outdoor adventure as well. It’s a digital treasure hunt where you download the geocaching app and then follow the directions using a GPS enabled device to find small boxes of treasure that other geocaching members have hidden. The kids love the excitement of it and it encourages you all to discover new sights along the way.

  • Adventure activities

If your children enjoy the thrill of adventure you could look at Tank Driving experiences were they can enjoy being the passenger along with you in a real life tank. You can Visit Armourgeddon for more information on these action packed days.

  • Bike Ride

The simplest things are often the most fun. Drag your bikes out, dust them off and get some wind in your hair! It costs nothing, if you all have bikes that is, and you can get out into the stunning countryside whilst keeping you all fit at the same time. Visit the National Trust website for useful information on family-friendly cycle routes around the country.

  • Visit the Seaside

Most people forget about the coast during the colder months and while it’s no good for sunbathing or swimming, there are loads of other things you can do and it will be nice and quiet too! Walk along the tideline, explore rock pools and go on a treasure hunt for wildlife you can spot. Visit the Marine Conservation Society website for printable guides to what you can look out for.

  • Play Equipment

Investing in some exciting, high-quality play equipment is the perfect way to get your kids off the console and into the garden. Long-lasting, attractive and loved by kids of all ages, play equipment such as climbing frames and slides can provide hours of fun.

  • Wildlife Walk

Often there are many places right on our doorstep that we’ve never visited. Now is the perfect time to check out the Wildlife Trust website and find the ideal spot for your own family wildlife adventure. Encourage the kids to keep a note of every species that you see. Not only will you be helping local wildlife conservation but fostering an appreciation of nature and important habitats in your children. Walking has many health benefits and spotting hidden treasures and creatures makes it even more fun.

  • Mini Olympics

Invite some school friends over and organise a mini sports afternoon in the garden or a local play park. It’s a great way of burning off some excess energy. You could easily set up a three-legged race, an egg and spoon race or a simple 5-a-side footy match, all you need is a ball and jumpers for goalposts. Have some half-time snacks and maybe a small prize for winners.