Expert’s Guidelines and Useful Tips for Perfect Ring Size Measurement

Thanks to the price of an engagement ring shooting high, the need to find the perfect ring equals a hero’s quest. The journey of a perfect engagement ring begins with the perfect and correct ring size measurement. Given the fact that you would have to wear the engagement ring forever, it becomes extremely important to get a ring that fits seamlessly around your finger.

While you might come across a dozen ways to get the perfect ring size, here are few tips recommended by the experts that you might want to have a look into before investing your savings on the ring of your lifetime?

The Temperature Counts

It must be kept in mind that the size of the ring changes with the change in temperature. The finger tends to get big in the summer days and shrinks during the winters. The best time to measure your finger is during the summers, and at the end of the day, because the finger is said to be the largest at that time. 

Measure the Size of the Ring Twice

The ring that you buy must snugly fit around your fingers and must smoothly slide on to your finger but must not come off easily. This is what makes a perfect ring size as it chucks out the possibilities of loss and stays away from putting pressure on the fingers. It is when you check the ring size twice that you would be able to achieve this.

You’re Ring Type Matters

Wide rings of about 6mm need a larger size for maximum people. This is so because the wideband enables more space below the finger band than the narrow rings. You must add in an extra size allowance between 0.25-0.5 for wide styled rings.

For example, in case your ring size measurement is 6, try and make it to 6.25 or 6.5 if you happen to like wider style bands. Mores, most of the rings are quite difficult for resizing and sometimes almost impossible to resize sans an aesthetic loss. So, always get the perfect size for such rings.

The Fingers are Distinct

If you observe closely, one of your hands is about half a size larger than the other hand. This hand is normally your dominant hand. To keep away from any errors, you must always take the measurement of the left hand followed by the finger you wish to wear the ring

The Size of Your Knuckle is Vital

If your finger base happens to be considerably small than the finger knuckle, and in case you are taking the help of a virtual ruler, then you must always measure the knuckle and the finger base. 

After the measurement, you have to choose a size from the two. This would help you to get the size that would help the ring to slide over the knuckle but at the same time, would not be too big to be worn around the base of the finger comfortably.

Consider these tips when buying a ring or to get the perfect ring size measurement. With the correct and the best fit, comes the beauty of a ring which you can be proud of forever besides flaunting it to the world.