What Features to Look for in an Email Hosting Service

When the email was invented, during the early days of the Internet, it opened up a whole new way of communicating globally. In the rapidly evolving world of online communication where changes happen in a matter of months rather than years, email has managed to remain relevant even today. It has survived the onslaught of other communication apps like instant messengers and is still a primary form of online communication. It has even made a successful transition to mobile devices.

Companies and organisations still prefer to use email for their official communication. When it comes to email for business, many companies prefer to have their own customised email addresses. A hosted email service not only provides a secure communication medium but also makes for a great collaboration tool. There are a number of Email Hosting services online that provide such email services. The services and features they offer differ from provider to provider. While some may offer only basic functionality, others may allow seamless collaboration with synced contacts and calendars.

So, how do you choose an Email Hosting service for your organisation? Here are some features you should look for in an Email Hosting service.

1. Security

Security is the number one priority while selecting an Email Hosting service. While some features can be compromised upon, security is not one of them. Ensure that your email provider follows recommended safety protocols and implements stringent safety measures. Ask whether they provide anti-spam filters, anti-malware security and encryption.

2. Storage

Email is not just a tool for communication, but also one used for seamless collaboration. As such, a lot of files and data are shared over emails. Check the amount of storage your email provider offers per account. Also, check whether the archives are separate from the main mailboxes. Ample storage allows users to manage their emails better.

3. Flexibility

Most global organisations implement a mobile-first policy to increase productivity on the move. Do check an email service for its compatibility with mobile devices and various other platforms along with its compatibility with third-party collaboration tools. This allows for greater flexibility in your email system, making it more powerful and enhancing its usability.

4. Availability & Uptime

A good email system is the one that always remains up and available for use. Nobody needs an email system that goes down unexpectedly or remains unavailable at crucial times. Check your email provider’s reliability before signing on. Customer reviews are generally a good measure of the quality of service. It pays to ask around before signing on.

5. Support

Technical support is yet another aspect of your Email Hosting provider’s reliability. If something does go wrong with your email services, you’d rather talk to a person than deal with a recorded response. Generally, most Email Hosting providers bundle live support along with their plans. Ensure that your email provider offers 24X7 live support along with your chosen Email Hosting plan.

While there are more features and considerations for an Email Hosting service, these five are the most important. You must insist on all these features while signing up. If you take care to ensure that all these features are included with your email service, you end up with a robust email service for your organisation.