Doable Money Challenges To Try This 2019

Do you want to save more money this year? Many people want to save money but lack the courage to do it.

By being more conscious on your spending habits and setting savings goal, you can increase your motivation in starting saving up and achieve any of your financial goals.

To make your saving goal a reality, here’s a list of the effective money challenges you can try this year.

The 30-day no credit/debit challenge

The goal of this challenge is not to use your credit or debit card for one month. When you buy something, only use the cash you have in your wallet. Do not use your credit or debit to pay for your grocery.

The advantage of this method is that you do not accumulate any unnecessary expenses and you do not have to worry about huge credit bill.

No shopping challenge

You can decide whether you will do this for a month or a year. All you have to do is to avoid shopping unnecessary items. Of course, you still buy your groceries and pay your bills. You will just avoid the unnecessary ones like new pair of shoes or indulging on an expensive cup of coffee.

If you think it is difficult to do, you can start doing it for a month then two. You eventually realize that you have gone a year without buying anything unessential.

The 52-week challenge

This money challenge requires pure discipline since it takes you one year to complete it.

To start this challenge, pick a bill you want to keep at the end of each. It can be the fives or hundreds. Then, every week the amount adds up, depending on the bill you choose. The accumulated amount can be used for your travel fund or additional fund for your down payment.

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The save your change challenge

It is one of the easiest money challenges out there. All you have to do is to keep your change in a jar or bottle.

At the end of the year, you can deposit it to your account or use for your wants since the accumulated amount can be use for your vacation or can be added to your emergency fund.

No lunch or dine out week challenge

For one week, ditch eating lunch or dinner at your favorite restaurants and cafes. Before going to work, prepare a packed lunch and bring snacks. You can make a weekly meal plan so you can plan ahead what to buy when you grocery. This way, you can avoid going out to buy your food.

To make it a habit, try to eliminate lunch and dining out for one week every month. Surely, your savings can add up eventually.

Bottom line

Saving money requires discipline and determination. You need to set specific goals to help you motivate in saving.

Start the year right by making new financial habits that eventually help you achieve your financial goal. You can read more money saving tips at