Building Your Own Parkour Equipment Using Quality Tube Parts

Parkour training begins at home but most athletes need to build a custom structure to match their free running requirements.

Parkour is the art of running and moving freely over any type of terrain, using only the strength and ability of the human body. The sport which is also known as free running was created in France in the 1980s by nine founding men. Now a popular and exhilarating sport, it is enjoyed all over the world by athletes who want to push their bodies and develop all the core attributes that are required to succeed in this type of challenge. Training as a parkour athlete requires immense discipline and a lot of strength and bodyweight work which can be completed at home. Unfortunately though, as a new sport, it can be difficult to find quality training equipment that has been manufactured especially for parkour. As such, many free runners build their own parkour equipment to practice on!

Robust Structure

As a physically demanding sport, any parkour equipment that you build must be constructed with the intention that it will experience heavy wear and tear. Parkour athletes need to pull, jump, swing and land on the frame that they build in order to improve their core strength and enhance their flexibility. A piped frame can provide a solid and versatile structure for parkour athletes so long as it is built with robustness as a priority.

Constructing A Piped Frame

A piped structure made from vertical and horizontal rods can be connected in any pattern you wish and stands over the top of wooden platforms, ladders or any other obstacles that would make an exciting challenge for you. The size of tubes you use is entirely your decision, but you might be best selecting a range of diameters. You can place thicker tubes at the corners and base of your parkour frame, where you need to prioritise strength in the design. Thinner tubes which are easier to grip, can be connected higher up on the frame where they’re more likely to be used to swing from.

Safety First

Perhaps your main consideration when building a parkour frame is to ensure that it’s entirely safe to practice on. Free running can be dangerous and when pipes are involved, you’ll want to make sure that the structure doesn’t fall apart whilst you’re clambering over it at speed. To keep your frame entirely connected and sturdy, you can use durable tube connectors which sit inside your pipes and allow you to connect two or more together. Tube connectors are used in the manufacture of many other types of gym equipment such as treadmills or cross trainers, so they’re used to withstanding weight and stress.

Selecting The Best Components for Your Parkour Training Frame

When it’s time to source the components for your frame, be sure to work with a quality tube parts supplier so you’re kitted out with the best tubes, end caps and connectors to provide you with the perfect finished equipment. Make sure you create an accurate plan of your design before you begin, mapping out the precise measurements you’ll need to connect all of your tubes and connectors safely to deliver the perfect free running structure. Once you’re ready, it’s time to crack on with your parkour training. Good luck!