Common Problems with Linksys Router and Their Quick Fixes

Linksys router is one of the best WiFi routers out there. It provides users with a gamut of useful features e.g. high security, media connectivity, WPS, gaming and many more. Talking about a Linksys router’s performance, it works flawlessly in every environment. Once you set up the router using, you can securely access the internet on your WiFi-compatible devices. Overall, it can be said that a Linksys router is a perfect device to access wireless broadband in a home or office without any hassle.
But after all, Linksys router is an electronic device. And every electronic gadget has a disadvantage of ‘not working’.
Therefore, as an electronic product, a Linksys router may put you into various issues like setup problems or it has stopped working suddenly. Some users also come across its password and security issues. Today, we are going to discuss all such issues with Linksys router along with their relevant solutions.
1. Cable Connection Problem
Most of the users don’t know how to connect Linksys router. Due to this, they connect all the wires wrong. An incorrect cable connection can result in lots of troubles and even in the hardware damage too. So we recommend you to consult the manual given with the device before establishing a connection.

2. ISP Problem
To fix this issue, check the internet on your modem first. You can do so by making sure that there is a green DSL light on your modem. Furthermore, you can connect the modem directly to the PC to check the internet connection status. Once done, try accessing Linksys extender router login web page.

If it opens properly, it means you can access the internet through modem and the issue belongs to the router. In this case, reconfigure your router.

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However, if the aforementioned page doesn’t open, it indicates that the problem belongs to your ISP. To resolve the issue, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask them for a solution.

3. The Router Can’t Identify the Device
The simple solution to this problem is power cycling of router. It often happens that the router has stopped working because of power outage. Once the power restores, all the devices wake up at a time and cause connection issues.

So in this scenario, simply power cycle your modem, router as well as computer one by one. For those who don’t what a power cycling is, it is the process of turning off all the devices and then turning them on one after another.

After turning on the modem and Linksys router, wait for a few minutes and then check whether the issue is fixed or not.

4. Can’t Update the Router Firmware
Unable to complete router firmware update process? Worry not! We have a solution.

First of all, go to the router panel by entering Linksys in the address bar. Input the username and password to log in to your device. Doing so will take you to the settings panel.

Next, click on the admin tab and navigate to firmware upgrade. Check the existing firmware version. Also, ensure that your router is running the latest firmware update.

5. IP Conflicts Problem
Various users report that the Linksys router is not working because of IP conflict issue. It is true and possible IP confliction results in major problems with the router.

By default, each router comes with a C class IP address. The main reason behind this is same class IP address. In case you are planning to set up Linksys router in the network where the IP address of modem belongs to the same class IP of router, then it can be a reason that your router has stopped working.

To resolve this issue, you need to change the router’s IP address as modem can’t be changed. Once the IP address has changed, don’t forget to reboot your router. After rebooting, you may face internet issues while accessing extender.linksys. In this scenario, power cycle your device.

So now you would be able to identify the reason of Linksys router issues and to fix them by yourself. If you have any queries, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below.