Can the Sun Ruin Your Car’s Tires?

There are numerous ways sunlight affects your vehicle. Intense UV rays can degrade the paint job. It shines inside your car and will slowly fade the dashboard. However, you also need to make sure to give your car the best tire protection possible to protect it from the sun. You should already have some custom fit seat covers to protect your seats from the sun, but you also want to pay attention to the tires. Otherwise, you may end up with a flat when you have fun plans to go on summer vacation.

High Temperatures Can Increase Tire Pressure

The air inside your tire increases when the temperature outside increases. You should know what PSI your tires need based on the owner’s manual. You may have the proper PSI during most of the year, but when summer comes, the temperature goes up excessively. Tires that were 32 PSI during the winter may go into the 40s when summer comes around.

As a result, your tires will be over-inflated, and they could bust. Even if they do not blow right away, they will cause your car to handle poorly. It will affect your braking capabilities, so make sure to check your car’s tire pressure throughout the summer. In the event the PSI is too high, then you need to let some air out. You need to check on your own because with many cars, the tire pressure warning light only illuminates when air pressure is low, not high.

Certain Conditions Can Lead to Dry Rot

If your car will be in storage for long periods of time during the summer, then you need to invest in the best indoor and outdoor car covers. The right cover will protect your tires from the intense heat. In the event you live in an area of the country that also has high humidity, then you have another problem you need to worry about. You need to watch out for the formation of dry rot.

The reason dry rot forms on tires is due to excessive heat, lack of use and low inflation. Consistent exposure to sunlight can expedite the formation of dry rot, especially if your car sits outside for long stretches of time in states like Florida. They will deteriorate more quickly when you are by the beach. Anyone who goes out to a beach vacation home during the summer needs to watch out. It is recommended to keep your car stored in a temperature-controlled garage when you are not using it.

Sun exposure is a major concern for motorists. You need to keep your car in the shade. If you usually park it in an exposed driveway for most of the year, then you need to find some covering for it when it gets hot out. The sun can absolutely ruin your car’s tires, but you will not have to worry about that when you work with a great car cover company in your area. You can purchase car and tire covers online that will be delivered directly to you. You will not have to worry about being stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire.