Bone Health in the Times of COVID – 19

“Corona,” this is what is everywhere in the world and it has overshadowed other health conditions. Due to this, the risk of developing orthopedic conditions has also increased. This is because people are unable to go for health assessments like bone density testing and the ones who are suffering from diseases like osteoporosis are marking their condition worse. Especially in the elderly, the risk of fractures is increasing and the reason is that people are not getting diagnosed for the orthopedic condition they are suffering from. If the case becomes serious surgeries might require trauma implants like Titanium Screw for Surgery, Hand Fracture Plate, DCS Orthopedic Implants, and other orthopedic devices to fix the condition. In certain cases, joint replacement may also be required.

Consequences of Delayed Diagnosis

As we’ve discussed above, due to the tsunami of COVID cases, other health conditions have been sidelined and people are avoiding going out for health assessment. One such health condition is osteoporosis and that can only be detected with a proper diagnosis. But again, those who are suffering from the condition and are unaware of this fact are on the radar of developing a serious orthopedic condition. Osteoporosis makes bone brittle thus, they are prone to getting fractures easily. Remember, this condition could be life-changing and you might not be able to perform certain movements after the injury. Even the care of people who know that they are suffering from osteoporosis has suffered due to this pandemic.

Issues Related to Fracture Follow Up

In this pandemic, the hospitals are flooded with COVID-positive patients and due to this, the doctors are not even allowing attendants with patients suffering from other health conditions. So, if a fracture occurs to someone, the person might have to handle everything by himself in the hospital. This could affect the follow-up after the fracture and due to this, post-operative care will also get affected. Thus, delayed recovery or even infection might also occur. This is how badly COVID has impacted bone health.

Tips to Maintain Bone Health during COVID – 19 Pandemic

  • We know it is not possible to visit the doctor personally just like that, but you can virtually consult the doctor to update you about your bone health and any other orthopedic condition you are suffering from. Besides this, if you are taking any medication, do update your doctor.
  • If you had recent fractures, do tell the doctor so that he/she could start correct treatment if required. This will also reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • Do take a physical appointment if the risk of osteoporosis is there or you are facing any other bone-related issue. This is because sometimes screening tests are required to be performed to better diagnose the condition. Physical appointments must also be made if you have a family history of osteoporosis or low body weight.
  • Quit smoking and stop consumption of alcohol.
  • We know that everyone is at home and most people are living a sedentary lifestyle but, we need to avoid this. Try to exercise regularly at home only and make as much physical movement as you can.
  • Avoid consuming processed food and add nutrition to your plate.

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