Body-Weight Shoulder Training you must do under the supervision of PT

There are some group of muscles in our body for which you don’t need heavy dumbbells every time to do a good workout. For instance, the muscles of legs don’t require any heavy duty for the equipment. You can perform different types of exercises like squats and lunges to tone your legs with the use of just body weight.

Similar things can be said about the shoulder muscle group as well. You must be surprised by reading this. Well, not many people are aware of the body weight shoulder exercises except for the individuals who are doing training under the supervision of a qualified personal trainer with certification from a reputed institution conducting fitness trainer course in Delhi.

When you are training under the supervision of a qualified personal trainer definitely you come to know about the different range of shoulder exercises from easy exercises such as corner lateral raises to more advanced ones such as handstand walk-ups.

Through this post, we shall be explaining some of the great range of body-weight based shoulder exercises that you can definitely do under the supervision of your trainer. The reason why we are giving more stress on working out with a qualified trainer is that there are some advanced level exercises which you may find a bit challenging to do and can lead to injury provided not done in the right posture.

Corner Lateral Raises

It is a very creative approach to training your shoulder muscles provided you are thinking about toning your shoulder without using any equipment.

Bench Dips

This exercise targets two muscle groups- the front muscle of your shoulder, as well as, your triceps. To avoid injury, ensure you don’t go too low.

Pike Push-Up

Most of the expert fitness instructors who have successfully completed the certification in fitness trainer course in Delhi suggest performing pike push-ups as they are quite similar to the overhead shoulder presses. Most importantly, this exercise not only targets your shoulder muscles but also your core muscles at the same time. However, it is definitely a challenging exercise as it isolates the shoulder muscles.

Side Plank

Another most effective workout that targets multiple muscle groups is side plank. It is mainly known to help you activate your oblique muscles, but when you hold up yourself to that position it doesn’t require strong shoulder strength.

Divebomber Push-Up

This push-up exercise is quite similar to Chaturanga pose of yoga, but you only use the anterior of your deltoid. With the divebomb push-up, you will feel that over-all muscles of your shoulder are getting engaged.

Handstand Walk-Up

This shoulder exercise is considered to be the advanced level exercise, so please don’t try to perform the same alone. Consider taking the assistance of a qualified personal trainer who has done fitness trainer course in Delhi from a reputed institution. This exercise is somewhat similar to body weight exercises like push-ups and dips. The more is the challenge in the exercise, the better you will build the shoulder strength.