Best Goalkeeper Gloves

If there is one piece of goalkeeping equipment where there should be no compromise – it’s goalkeeper gloves. The goalie’s hands must be protected in several different ways.

First, pay attention to the construction of the glove, size, cut and the right fit. Once your hands are comfortable, you can focus on a style that speaks to you.

Here at Just Keepers, we have a pair of best goalkeeper gloves for every type of goalie. Below, we’re going to talk about five exceptional gloves and highlight their features for your consideration.

1. Adidas X GL Pro

What does a goalie never lose? Their instinct. Adidas is a company that makes some of the best goalkeeper gloves in the world of Sports, and the X GL Pro are another great example.

Goalie gloves have rarely been this lightweight and flexible, helping facilitate super-quick reactions on the pitch. They have a stripped back construction which provides a second-skin fit.

They also have an elasticated performance bandage for a more secure range of forearm movement.  These exceptionally designed gloves are mostly polyester but contain 30% cotton and 5% elastin. However, the palm is 100% latex which is precisely what it needs to be.

2. Nike Mercurial Touch Elite

Nike serves the goalkeeping community well and offers a wide range of gloves. The Nike Mercurial Touch elite is a much-improved mid-tier option from the brand.

They are less stiff than the average gloves, which means there are no restrictions on unleashing your potential.

The unisex gloves feature ACC foam for excellent shot absorption in any given conditions. The fit is natural, although you may want to size up when purchasing your pair.

3. Puma One Grip 1 Hybrid Pro

If you want to make sure nothing gets past you, Puma One Grip 1 Hybrid Pro gloves might be the ideal choice. The latex palm provides the maximum grip to ensure your saves are telling.

These gloves also have a thumb wrap for more agility, but they will also give you more versatile movement options. The tooling is anatomically spread and follows the hand’s contour to provide the necessary comfort.

They are also exceptionally breathable, considering the close fit. Puma has been consistent with producing practical, stylish, and affordable goalkeeper gloves, and this pair is a prime example of all three descriptors.

4. HO Classic Pro Roll

There’s a reason why this particular pair has been marketed as “no-nonsense” goalie gloves.  One look says it all. The white colour stands out nowadays, given that most goalie gloves designs are all about bright shades and patterns.

This is a roll finger glove and features a comfortable ergonomic design. The backhand consists of 5mm ultra-soft latex, so you can expect maximum comfort when you put them on.

Incredibly light and flexible, the feature that sets them apart is the 9cm elastic wrist strap. This provides a remarkably secure fit, giving the goalie the confidence to catch or punch the ball without hesitation.

If you’re a fan of a more classic design but never compromise on quality, HO Classic Pro Roll gloves could be the perfect fit for you.

5. Precision GK Elite 2.0 Quartz

If your focus is on comfort more than any other quality, then Precision GK Elite 2.0 Quartz gloves could be a good choice.

They have a Super Lite negative cut to increase your feel and grip on the ball. Somewhat surprisingly, the stitching is inside the glove. Therefore, you can count on a snug and tight fit.

These gloves also have a multi wrap system and an extended full-piece latex palm with added quarts for higher performance. The Precision GK Elite perform well in all types of weather conditions, too.

Match Your Taste to the Best Goalkeeper Gloves

The five goalkeeper gloves we’ve recommended all deliver comfort, snug fit, durability, and enhanced performance. They also feature great design and plenty of styles. They are some of the best goalkeeper gloves at Just Keepers, but they’re only a small selection of what we have to offer.

We boast an impressive collection of gloves and other goalie equipment. Choose the right pair for your game style and level of ability.