Best 5 Chinese restaurants at Fort Collins

Chinese and Thai cuisines have garnered immense popularity these days. People can try their delicacies all over the world now as chefs from all the countries have concentrated on these cuisines now.

There are a lot of Hunan restaurant Fort Collins and one can easily try some authentic Asian cuisines there. Here are the places to go:

Young’s café Vietnamese Cuisine

This is the very first Vietnamese restaurant which opened in the year 1987. This is a family owned restaurant and they are very popular in serving some fresh Vietnamese flavors. They concentrate on fresh and natural ingredients when they cook their dishes. When one is here then they can try their Pork dumplings, wrapped shrimp, Tofu flaming soup, Jicama salad, Grilled meat balls and their house platter. One can pair their dishes with their favorite drinks like Sea glass Riesling, Pinot Noir, Shiraz or Zombie. This restaurant remains open from 11 AM to 10 PM every day.

Yung’s Chinese

This place has been a very popular Chinese cuisine joint in the area since it has opened its door in the year 1996. They offer a very cozy dining place where one can enjoy their traditional Chinese menu which includes specialties like Spring rolls, Sesame chicken and varieties of noodles. Apart from these one can also try their Schezwan beef, Kung Pao steak, Firecracker chicken and Sesame tofu. They also have a provision for ordering online and get the food delivered at home or wherever convenient. There are gluten free appetizers and soups as well that one can try.

Hot Wok Café

 One can not only dine on some delicious Chinese dishes here but they also have the easy options of ordering some lip smacking dishes online. When there one can try some delicious picks from their menu like General Tso’s chicken, Beef and broccoli, Orange chicken, Cashew chicken and Home style tofu.

Simply Thai

When it comes to Thai cuisines, it is actually different from all the other cuisines that are cooked in Asia. This is because it is influenced by both the Indian and Chinese cuisines. This family owned restaurant offers authentic Chinese cuisines to people here and they are doing this in Fort Collins for 20 years now. One can try their spring rolls, chicken satay, crispy tofu, pad Thai, duck noodle soup, pineapple fired rice, spicy fired rice, panang curry and many more. They can pair up their food with drinks like regular iced tea, Thai iced tea, beer and wine. If one wants dessert after food then they must try their fresh mango and sweet sticky rice or green tea ice cream.

Chili House

Located in South College Avenue they remain open from 11 Am to 10 PM.  One can have some delicious Chinese cuisines here and the popular items are chicken wonton, sesame chicken and chili house dinner. They also offer a lovely ambience to sit and dine.

So, if one wants to venture in a Chinese restaurant Fort Collins these are the best options to think of.