Augmented reality – changing present and future

Modern-day science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds. Human beings are using their knowledge to create machines and gadgets to improve their way of living. These gadgets can help in increasing the productivity of a task or can improve the way the task is being performed.

Augmented reality is one such wonder of technology which has changed the very concept of how human life functions. It involves the use of computer-generated images, sound, and symbols to improve the way human beings see the real world. It is interactive based software that adds certain elements to the real world depending upon our needs. These added features further help in performing a task more effectively and efficiently. Top Augmented reality companies have started inventing various devices which can be handheld or worn by an individual as a helmet to create such artificial images. These devices use the following techniques of augmented reality:

  1. Computer-generated images
  2. In-display GPS
  3. Voice recognition system
  4. Artificial intelligence software to provide information on the go
  5. Life-sized 3D models
  6. Real-time tracking system.

This concept of augmented reality is no more science fiction but is now a scientific reality with real-world applications. It is being adopted widely and used for performing various tasks like:

Augmented reality in healthcare:

AR can revolutionize health care to a large extent. Teachers can teach medical students without being present in the classroom by the use of hologram devices. These devices can project images of an individual present at a different location. Doctors can use handheld devices that can display the internal anatomy of the patient without getting an x-ray or CT scan. It helps a doctor to detect the affected areas easily. It may also improve the way surgery is performed.

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Apparels and cosmetic industry:

An app created by a Clothing company which allows its customer to try the selected apparels without actually visiting their stores. The application creates a digital image of the buyer and gives an automatic response to the product’s fitting and suitability.

Interior designing:

Augmented reality has revolutionized the way people buy furniture or select a color for their walls. The AR software creates a 3D model of the place and automatically detects the placement of various objects. The customer can decide by placing their selected items on a real-time basis. They can even scan a room and digitally paint with their favorite color to make a better decision.


Flight companies and cab-hailing companies have created applications which allow its user to track their flight or cab easily in real-time. Augmented reality software even creates a virtual map for the pilots and drivers which can be used for navigation purposes. It reduces the overall time of transportation.

Games and Fun:

Companies have created handheld devices and AR headsets which creates a virtual image of the game in the real world. Different from the conventional screen games, AR games tend to be more immersive as they combine a virtual image from the game with actual real-world surroundings. The user feels as if he/she is actually inside the game playing it without leaving their rooms.

Augmented reality is enhancing the user’s real-world experience. Best augmented reality companies in the world are continuously improving this technology and expanding its application. With further enhancements and passage of time, it can change our future