Analysing most common reasons for divorce

Neither two people are the same, nor two relationships are the same. Still, there are certain issues that couples suffer from. Always bear in your mind that not every couple have the same issue or reason for divorce but still, these are the most common issues that most of the people suffer from. After marriage, a lot of things change and it also offers certain challenges to the couples. Let us have an eye on certain important and common issues in the life of couples.

As per a recent the survey, it was believed that most of the people want to have a divorce only because of incompatibility. A total of 44% of people out of 100% are suffering from this issue. In most of the cases, incompatibility starts with the communication issues, which later on converts into the incompatibility? Do you know, the incompatibility can be corrected with the help of a mediator? If you think that you can sit and talk, you do not need a mediator then it’s fine but if you think that it is impossible to have few words without a mediator, you must go for the family mediation Milton Keynes.

After this, the second most common issue is infidelity. A lot of people suffer from this issue. In some couples, it is considered as one of the biggest issues and hard to handle. In some cases, it can be in females and in some cases, it can be in males also. According to a recent survey, it has been observed that more than 30% of people or couples suffer from sexual or sex-related issues.

Apart from this, money can also be considered as one of the biggest issues among couples. In some cases, it is one of the biggest issues and hard to handle as well. Usually, every couple suffers from some ups and downs after their marriage. It can be due to the financial issues in the business or job. For every the couple, money matters too because every person needs financial security.

Physical abuse was another most common issue that most of the couple suffer from. In some couples, only one person suffers from physical, emotional and mental abuse. Though, we give utmost importance to physical abuse but a lot of people suffer from long term emotional abuse which also hard to handle.

Some couples are suffering from addiction issues such as alcoholism, smoking or drug abuse etc. Among the 100% issues or reasons, these issues share only 1% of the total. Some of the issues can be resolved and some of the issues can never be. But you should at least give one try to your relationship by opting mediation.