Air Freight Forwarding – Everything You Need to Know

For many businesses, choosing between road freight and air freight can be a tough decision. The common misconception comes from the idea that the cheapest option is always the best.

Air freight forwarding costs more, but it’s also more secure and more reliable than any other form of cargo shipping.

When it comes to international shipping, especially, air freight tends to be the go-to solution. But what is air freight exactly, and what are the common types of this form of freight forwarding?

How Does Air Freight Work?

The term “air freight” might seem self-explanatory. However, business owners in need of shipping services should learn as much as possible about this growing industry.

The most straightforward definition of air freight is planning and organising freight shipping from one point to another by air.

The job of a freight forwarder company is no to move the cargo physically. Here at GenX Freight, we assist in every facet of the shipment process. At the same time, we take on the burden of communication between every party involved.

Types of Air Freight

A company that specialises in air freight should be able to deliver pretty much anything via air travel. There are different types of air freight carriers depending on what kind of cargo is being transported. They’re separated into three categories:

  • Freight delivered on a passenger airline
  • Freight delivered on a cargo-only aeroplane
  • Heavy equipment delivered on supercargo planes

This is not the only way air freight classification works. Another way to differentiate air freight is at the speed at which the cargo arrives. Based on your needs, your freight can travel in one of the three following ways:

  • Next flight out – your freight is on the next plane out, whether it’s commercial, cargo, or supercargo.
  • Consolidated shipping – your freight gets on cargo or supercargo plane, but on a set schedule.
  • Deferred shipping – the slowest form of air freight, as there is no rush, and your cargo gets on board when there’s room available.

What Makes Air Freight Forwarding a Superior Option?

Unless you’re dealing with budgetary restrictions, air freight offers several more vital benefits over other freight forwarding types.

1. Air Freight Is Fast

In fact, it’s the fastest way to move your cargo, nationally and internationally. Even if you choose deferred shipping, your cargo is likely to get to its destination faster than it would with road freight. On top of that, air freight is the only type of freight forwarding that includes the same day service.

2. Air Freight Is Accurate

With air freight, there’s no stopping for gas or for any other reason. Once your cargo ships, it’s going to arrive at the destination right on time.

When time is of the essence, and you want to check the status of your shipment, air freight offers the least potential for errors.

3. Air Freight Is More Secure

All cargo is heavily scrutinised and closely managed by airport staff. Businesses that transport sensitive goods should choose air freight whenever possible due to increased safety.

Unless the aeroplane faces inclement weather, it will be a much smoother transport than by road or sea.

4. Air Freight Moves Cargo Everywhere

There are more active airports in the world than there are active sea and river ports. When you consider that some remote destinations will take days to get to by road or sea, the advantages of air freight forwarding become even more apparent.

5. Air Freight Is Cost-Effective in the Long Run

One of the most significant disadvantages of air freight is the price tag attached. This is why it’s not always the first choice for small and medium-sized business owners.

Inevitably, it’s a more considerable investment from the outset. However, air freight pays off in the long run. Delayed shipping can lead to halted production or goods wasting in storage facilities.

These issues can lead to significant profit loss. With air freight, delivery is timely and allows for easier business planning.

Get the Best Air Freight Forwarding Services Today

Air freight is fast, accurate, safe, cost-effective, and it will take your shipment anywhere it needs to go. In the UK, air freight has grown rapidly in recent years, and it’s clear why it’s the number one option for so many business owners.

GenX Freight is there to deliver any cargo quickly. We can provide the perfect solution for supply and distribution thanks to our strict operating procedures.