6 Things Not To Do While Trekking

Travelling is inherent to human nature. The earliest humans would travel miles to find a place that would be a home to their people and provide the most suitable living conditions. They travelled far and wide until they reached a destination that they felt belongingness to. They would tread through different landscapes, terrains and weathers. They travelled on another man’s land and learned the etiquettes of a harmonious travel by respecting the rules of the original inhabitants of that land.

What people did not realize is that travelling is inherent to human nature and a human’s spirit. With that being taken away and with us all falling into a system that would take us in, we have become programmed and the rawness in our nature has perished.

Now, trekking is the only way that one may come close to this ancient and raw nature of the humans. This is why it is called a journey of a lifetime. If you are a rigorous trekker you may know the stability and peace of mind, trekking brings to you. It is very important to spread this good word around.

Most trekkers look up to the Himalayas to pick a trail of their liking. This vast and pristine mountain range offers numerous trails to trekkers who love to explore the rawness of nature at its best.

Most of the Himalayas lie in the country of Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is a blissful adventure as it is here you may witness the most amounts of peaks throughout your trail. One of the most famous destinations in Nepal is trekking in the mustang region. The dry mountains of Mustang, will make you feel like you are on another planet altogether. One must visit mustang for a thrilling trek.

The next country that hosts most of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges is India. Trekking in India takes you to through some of the best hiking trails.

People who are new to trekking and who do not do a lot of this activity, here are a few things that will give you a head’s up while on a trail. :

  1. Do not litter:
    This is probably the most important lesson that every trekker must follow. It is important for you to know that the place is inhabited by other people. They cannot take responsibility of the mess that you carelessly spread along your trail. The inhabitants have worked a long way to keep the area clean and beautiful for you to come and enjoy its beauty! You must do just that to enjoy the beauty and leave no traces. Respect other people’s homes and spaces. It goes a long way to show the kind of person you are yourself. Collect your garbage and store it in your own bag to throw in it a designated space for trash.
  2. Don’t go bonkers about gears:
    If you don’t have it don’t fuss around about not having the right gear, it brings down the spirits of the other trekkers on your group. If need be, you will be helped by the guide with a gear to perform a difficult hiking action.  If you have a lot of gear, don’t go around boasting about it and putting people down about not having them. Always remember to Uplift don’t bring down!
  3. Don’t be all over the place:
    You may be a careless person that has a lot of space for them back at home, but when you are on a trek with other people, always remember to respect other people’s spaces. Keep your belongings around your area and do not spread your things all over the place.
  4. Don’t bring others down by talking about how bothersome the hike is getting for you:
    Hike your own hike. While on a trek, try to keep your thoughts to yourself. Fight your own demons and don’t speak a word of discouragement. Remember that trekking is as much a mental game as much it is a physical activity. Keep to your own journey and hike your own hike, if possible respect other person’s journey too. This is the mantra for a good trek!
  5. Don’t ask people how much distance they have hiked a day:
    This just adds to trivializing their entire journey. Whether it is 20 km or just 5 km, only the hiker knows the efforts they have put in with each step. Asking someone how many miles they have hiked and later boasting about the distance you have hiked is just trivializing their entire journey into a few mean words spoken by you.
  6. Do not wear denims and flip-flops to the hike:
    This is probably the most important don’t as I have witnessed numerous hikers wearing denims or flip-flops to the hike, thinking that it adds on to their fashion quotient. They may just be thinking that the hike is just a walk uphill and they can walk on flip-flops, but they shouldn’t forget that flip-flops don’t support stances and positions that are compromising. A good hiking boot is what will help you take that jump. And don’t try jumping in those denims; you’ll end up in a torn pair of jeans. Better even wear track pants or clothes that don’t restrict your movement in any way.