5 Tips to Design Creative Soap Packaging

It is the desire of every individual to look more beautiful and attractive. For this purpose, a variety of body care products are consumed worldwide. Soap is one of the most useful personal care products. People have been using it for centuries to keep themselves clean. Soap is actually a combination of caustic soda with the fats/oils from different plants and animals. With the passage of time, various personal care products are being introduced in the market like facial cleansers, facial masks, and serums etc. But not even a single commodity can match the significance of soap. The packaging of such valuable products also needs to be perfect.

Creative Soap Packaging:

There was a time when the soap packaging was just limited to a container or a label. The purpose of such packaging was just to highlight the product details. With the changing era, considerable changes have been brought in the packaging sector as well. Now the packaging is meant necessarily to attract the customers and lure them to pick one of their choices. You have definitely come across attractive soaps boxes placed on retail shelves. Their fascinating colors and designs add beauty to the products. With the increasing market competition, every soap brand wants to figure out the ways to produce an attractive soap packaging. Such a creative packaging not only grasps the attention of the customers but also makes your brand distinct and recognizable. Below are 5 main tips to consider while designing creative soap packaging:

1. Make Use of Natural Color Palette:

Make Use of Natural Color Palette

Designing creative soap packaging does not mean that you have to be loud in colors. The days of bold and brash packaging have gone. Always go with the market trends. Soap is a product made from natural ingredients so its packaging should also be kept natural. Natures inspire everyone. Use a natural color palette or go for the colors which give a calming effect. If you want to be more innovative, use the tints of brighter colors to give a wash effect to your packaging. This serves as a perfect packaging design for natural soaps. Even if your product is not 100% organic, you can still give it a natural touch. This also reflects your concern towards being eco-friendly. It is also one of the best ways to gather the attention of a large audience.

2.Combination of Photography with Minimal Styles:

Combination of Photography with Minimal Styles

The trends in packaging come and go but the one thing which always remains is the use of graphics. Nowadays, interesting graphics or simple typography designs seem to be popular.  Photography always looks stylish and attractive if designed in a relevant way. Creative soap boxes can be designed by using interesting photography with a light background. The use of black and white combination can also be considered. But remember whatever graphic you use it should be relevant to your soap brand. Instead of creating a mess of words, little typography in eye-catching colors can be a good option.

3. Simplicity works at its best:

Simplicity works at its best

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Such a simple yet creative packaging design works best, especially for your organic soap collection. Despite creating a separate printed box for your soap brand, one of the creative ways is to enclose your soap in a colored paper. Place a simple label on it having the soap name. Tie a note at a side showing any related product detail like its ingredients, directions to use and expiry etc. no can’t even imagine what magic this simple packaging can create as it gets placed on retail shelves. Following video shows some of the more ways to design creative soap packaging by using the simple material.

4.Play with Colors:

Play with Colors

You can also remain artistic by playing with colors. If your soap brand holds a series of colors and fragrances, you can distinguish them by using a separate colored soap packaging for each one. The selection of color should be based on the ingredients it has. Give a sleeve packaging design to your soap brand. This creative packaging can significantly influence your sales and customers.

5.Introduce a Feminine Touch With Patterns:

Feminine Touch With Patterns

Introducing a feminine touch to your soap packaging does not necessarily means that the product is meant for women. Rather it indicates the bringing of such particular characteristics to your design like elegance and beauty. Addition of a pattern to your packaging is an attractive way to beautify your designs and to create a uniform series of packaging easily. The image below shows a perfect combination of pattern with a feminine touch. These soap have different scents, but they fall in a similar category by keeping the pattern same.

Hope our article provides a clear understanding of the ways to design creative soap packaging. Kindly provide us with your valuable reviews.