5 Things to Think About with Every Blog Post

Do not just go through the motions when you are creating a blog post – ask yourself these important questions.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Every blog you write is not going to appeal to everyone in the world. Instead, the content you are creating is going to be of interest to a select group of people – your target audience.

The better you understand your target audience and can keep them in mind when you are writing your blog posts, the easier it is going to be to create content that resonates with your users. It is easy to get taken off on a tangent when writing, but if you remain focused on your target audience, your writing is likely to be more concise.

What Information Do People Want?

An understanding of your target should give you a good idea of what kind of content people are looking for, but it is important to drill down further into this. For example, you may know that your audience is interested in home improvement, but what exactly do they want to know about it?

You want to keep your blogs very focused, and the better you understand what information people are looking for, the easier it is to give it to them. A great tool to get a better understanding of this is simply by asking people through questionnaires on your site.

How Will People Arrive on This Page?

How will people get to this page?

You know what information people are looking for, but do you know how they search for it? This is where your keyword research comes in and allows you to format your blogs so that people will find them.

Modern SEO is not just about keywords, but it is still important to understand how people are going to find your page. When you understand how people are searching for their information, then you can use those keywords in a natural way to help make your blog more discoverable.

What Action Do You Want People to Take?

You are not creating blog posts for no reason. There are certain goals you want to achieve, so what are they?

Once you have your desktop computer, you’ve got to be very clear on what you’re trying to achieve with each blog. If you leave it up to luck that people click a certain link, or visit a product page, or fill in a contact form, then it is much less likely you are going to achieve your goals.

Instead, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with each blog and guide people towards the desired action.

Why Should People Come to Your Page?

What is special about your page that someone should come to it over another website?

If you are going to bring in meaningful traffic, then you have got to offer value, so what value are you offering?

Every blog is an opportunity to get people engaging with your website, so make sure you are making the most of this opportunity with every piece of content you create.