5 events to promote your jewellery business in London

Getting started with a jewellery business is not exactly a piece of cake. It requires the right capital, contacts, collections, etc.  But what is equally important is the growth of the venture once it takes off. Business promotion is an essential aspect with respect to growth. In order to flourish and make more sales, or become popular, it ispertinent to reach out to people. There are quite a few ways of doing this depending on the type of business. When it comes to jewellery, the best way to go about promoting the business is through events. Jewellery events or exhibitions are a very common phenomenon in London. The right kind of knowledge about such events can help a jewellery business owner go a long way. Although many such events are happening all year round, here is a list of 5 important ones that will help you promote your jewellery business successfully.

1. International Jewellery London (IJL)

There simply cannot be a discussion about jewellery events in London without mentioning the International Jewellery London. This is the biggest and the only one of its kind, dedicated jewellery event that takes place in Britain. It happens every year and showcases not onlyBritish jewellery but also collections from all over the world. The pieces are not just limited to gemstones, but also include gold, silver, other metals, artificial man-made stones, etc. and jewellery made out of them is put up for show. The charges to participate vary depending on the type of jewellery and the space to occupy. However, getting a place to showcase your collection here will definitely get you noticed and help expand the business.

2. Jewellery and Watch Birmingham

This event takes place annually in the month of February. As the name suggests the event mainly comprises of putting up a display for expensive, antique watches and artistically crafted jewellery. The venue is the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The time of the year and venue remains the same and so there is consistency along with regular visitors. This will help in giving a boost to your business if you manage to be regular and make the most of the opportunity.

3. The London High Gate Bead Fair

This event is more of a fair, as the name suggests. It also happens annually but the month varies each year. The event is a boon for small scale jewellery business owners as it gives them the right chance and exposure to market their business. They can use the networking channels in the event to build contacts and promote their venture to ensure more sales and a greater reach as well. If you’re an industry professional, then the entry will be free. That’s another plus to consider.

4. The Jewellery Show London

Taking place in Chelsea, London, the striking feature is that this event is famous for showing all the latest trends and designs of jewellery, especially engagement  ring  London. It encourages business owners to convene from all over the world to take part in this event and help in making small businesses known. They specialize in gold, silver, pearl and platinum jewellery collections. This event attracts a lot of visitors, giving the businesses a huge scope for promotion and marketing. The details for payment and charges are mentioned on the official website before announcing the event each year. 

5. Kilburn London MrBead Bead Fair

There are small scale business owners and then there are home-based ones. This event is basically for those who handcraft their jewellery at home or in their personal studio spaces. It is not overwhelming like big events, although it does provide ample opportunity and help for the small-scale jewellery-makers to grow and expand their reach in order to be able to make more sales. Another advantage of this event is that it is conducted twice a year as opposed to the other events being held only once. This gives more opportunity as visitors tend to remember you and your brands well the next time they visit.

To sum it up, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous such events happening all over London that will give you a much-awaited chance to grow your small-scale business into something bigger and better. That’s how all companies start-off, anyway. Baby steps to big success. Also, for more ideas on how to conduct a business or manage customers, you can always take a trip to hatton garden  jewellers  london in order to get an insight at successful, bigshot jewellery stores.