5 Best Ways to use Designer Stones to Create a Stunning Living Room


Designer Stones have revolutionized the world of interior design with a modern touch. However, the key is to keep the trend fresh by using them in small doses.

There are plenty of designer stones available, and one type that’s becoming every household name in London, UK is the Dekton Worktops. Dekton in the UK is an industrially developed stone that has zero porosity. Dekton slabs are highly durable, have the visual appeal, and boast properties such as heat and scratch resistant. This makes them safe to be used outdoors and indoors such as kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, balcony, etc.

So, if you are searching on the internet with the hope of finding some creative ideas to design your living room, you have landed on the right page. Here are the five designer stone ideas to create a stunning living room.

  • Make designer stones part of your living room floor or walls

If both the floor and walls of your living room were covered in designer stones, it might end up looking too cold and stark. However, by choosing one, you can tie a touch of classic feel into your living room.

  • Designer Stone Lamps

One added benefit of designer stone slabs is that they can be forged into any shape, giving you plenty of designs and decor options for your living room. One such option is designer stone lamps. Using a stone type like Dekton Opera, you can create beautiful lamps, that’s not only a unique concept but also make your living room look more subtle and stylish.

  • Designer stone furniture for your living room
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The furniture you have in your living space is an accurate depiction of your personality. Hence, you would want to choose your furniture wisely. Stone furniture doesn’t mean you are still living in the stone age. It exuberates elegance, beauty, and strength. Using the likes of Dekton Natura, you can make it possible to go well with any decor, whether modern or traditional.

  • Coffee Table

A living room is empty without a coffee table. If you are looking for an x-factor that can make the difference you need in your living room, a simple coffee table with stone accents is what you need. Adding a designer stone table to your living room is simple yet elegant. Dekton type like Dekton Aura has the ability to keep the rest of the living room neutral while creating a focus around the coffee table.

  • Use stone columns to define space

Whether you live in a spacious family or a small studio apartment, this type of floor plan opens up space and leaves it feeling less confined and stuffy. Dekton Enzo is an excellent choice for this type of flooring, as it will make your living room look organized. The key is to use columns with relatively few decorative touches and straight edges to give your living room a more elegant feel.