5 Amazing Rakhi’s To Give To Your Brother!

Rakhi has been around for ages now, so it’s only natural that we now have access to multiple different styles of Rakhi’s that have been made using different materials and precious stones. Some are just for show, while others are considered to be more auspicious. So, I thought I’d curate a list of the most famous Rakhi designs that are in trend right now. The Rakhi designs featured below are bound to put an everlasting smile on your brother’s face. Who, let’s face it, is probably sick of seeing the same style of Rakhi year in and year out. The best part is, online Rakhi delivery has now become the norm.

So, without further a due, let’s look at 5 unique Rakhi’s you can gift your brother in 2019.

Evil Eye Rakhi’s – 
This particular Rakhi comes with Feng Shui inspired evil eye symbols that not only add a touch of tradition, but also offer protection against ill wishers who might be jealous of your brother. Afterall, Indian moms are forever saying, “Buri Nazar Na Lage”. As a result, not only will you please your brother by showing him how much you care for him, you’ll also please your mother in the process.

Zardozi Rakhi’s –
The word Zardozi comes from two separate Persian words, namely “zar” which means gold and “dozi” which translates to work. It’s a style of embroidery that originated from Asia a long time ago. This style of embroidery most recently found its way into pop culture through some exquisitely designed Rakhi’s that really stand out thanks to their Zardozi embroidery. This particular style of Rakhi, is easily the most aesthetic Rakhi you can gift your brother.

Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhis –
Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi’s are the perfect Rakhis to give to your brother if he’s married. This, comes as a set of two Rakhi’s. One being relatively basic while the other Rakhi, is referred to as a Lumba Rakhi. This lumba Rakhi is specifically for your brother’s wife and is far from a conventional Rakhi. As the name suggests, it’s quite long and has been designed to hang off your bhabhi’s bangles. Gifting a lumba Rakhi to your brother’s wife is a gesture that is considered to officially and traditionally welcome her to the family. Even your brother is bound to appreciate such a gesture.

Rudraksha Rakhi –
If you don’t already know, Rudraksha seeds are considered to be some of the most auspicious spiritual accessories one can have. They are considered to be the tear drops of Mahadev. These seeds are said to have the ability to help people heal mentally as well as spiritually. Which is why gifting your brother a rudraksha Rakhi is considered an incredibly auspicious gesture. These rudraksha seeds, depending on the number mukhi’s, can offer protection of all types. So, show your brother how much you care with these exquisite Rudraksha Rakhi’s.

Silver And Gold Rakhi’s –
Gold and silver, as you may know, are considered to be some of the most auspicious colours in our culture. These colours always have and always will be associated to prosperity and wealth. As a result, religious artefacts, idols and gifts that come made from gold and silver, or even their hues, are considered highly auspicious. As a result, not only do gold and silver Rakhi’s look stunning, they have the ability to attract the positive energy you need to succeed in life. Like with all others, online Rakhi delivery is available for these Rakhi’s too.

So, which one of these Rakhi’s would you bring home for your brother? Let us know in the comments below.