3 Questions You Need to Ask Before Finalizing a Hair Transplant Clinic

When it comes to deciding to undergo a hair transplant in London, it is a huge decision that you cannot take lightly. There’s is nothing such as too much research, since it is a fact that a man who is considering undergoing an FUE in London, is at a vulnerable point in his life, and is probably more prone to making hasty decisions that are based on emotions as opposed to logic. Hence, it is the best practice that you consider your options slowly and carefully always remember that there is nothing such as too many questions. Hence we have compiled for you 3 questions that you must ask your hair transplant clinic before you go ahead and finalize it.

  1. Why Should I be Using This Surgeon?

Making sure that you choose the right surgeon for your hair restoration in Southampton is probably the most important decision that you need to make. In the city. The best idea would be to look for somebody in your area and meet him face-to-face. Once you’re there ask them to show you some before and after photos of their work on hair loss prevention in Southampton. A good surgeon will always be ready to answer all your queries and also for you all honest, unbiased advice. A scam artist, of course, will try to pressurize you into taking the treatment as soon as possible, regardless of your apprehensions. Hence choosing the right surgeon is actually half of your work is done, as you can be assured that you’ve made the right choice.

  1. Is There Anything That Will Improve My Hair Transplant in London?

The answer to this question is yes. It is recommended and that you start a hair restoration treatment at least a year before the transplant. FDA approved drugs Minoxidil and Finasteride are the best and should be used before hair transplant. Minoxidil is a topical over the counter treatment, which is also available in boots or online. Finasteride is an oral one, which is also a prescription-only and can be obtained from GPs. A lot of time a private GP might not prescribe it when it comes to NHS ones, simply because hair loss is not a medical priority. To be honest, these drugs slow down hairless significantly and are definitely a recommended method for hair loss prevention in london.

  1. Which Hair Transplant Procedure is Best Suited for Me?

There are three main types of hair transplant procedures FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and ATP (Advanced Trico Pigmentation) FUE Southampton is the most popular method of hair transplantation which involves the usage of fine blades to harvest hair follicles from a donor area where there is hair is still (which usually means the back and the sides). The hair follicles extracted and then inserted into the bald areas. Since the hair follicles removed individually the process takes longer than FUT but is more amenable as it doesn’t leave a scar and it also suits really short hairstyles.FUE London is a minimally invasive procedure and actually has a really little downtime as well.

In FUT, there is a strip of hair that is removed and then your surgeon divides it into individual or small groups of hair follicles which are then inserted into the bald area. This method of hair restoration in Southampton is quicker and cheaper, so you really get more and for your buck. It, however, does leave a scar and there is some healing time involved as well.

ATP, on the other hand, is actually a form of tattooing that gives the illusion of a stubble wherein the special ink lasts for about 7 years. It is best suited for men who have really short or almost shaved hairstyles.

Considering these three questions makes a lot of difference in finally deciding which clinic you finally want to get your hair restoration in Southampton from. The three base factors of the surgeon, price point and treatment options can actually ensure that you get the most out of your treatment in a satisfactory manner. Ignoring these pertinent considerations may end up being a blunder, wherein you would regret your hair transplant in London later, so best to be prepared.