10 Promises to make with your wife this Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth is a celebration of the love and togetherness of a couple. On this auspicious day, the wives fast from the time of sunrise to the moonrise without having any type of food, fruits, or even water. The fast ends by performing pooja of Lord Shiva and his family on sighting the moon. At the end of the fast, the husbands feed their wives with water and sweets. This is a very special occasion for married women as they pray for their husbands to live longer. If you wish to express your love, happiness, and support your wife on this special celebration, you can order some adorable Karwa chauth gift for wife and also make 10 amazing, heartfelt promises you on this day.

I promise to stand up for your always

When things get difficult, the only support wife seeks is from her husband. You can promise to stand up for your wife whenever your family manners, or relatives ill-treat her or get against her.

I promise to take of you in your sickness

Promise to respect the selfless attitude of your wife and take care of her in her sickness by being there for her, making her feel comfortable and better. As she takes care of your and your family, you ill promise to stand by her in her sickness too.

I promise to prioritize your above anything in my life

Managing work and relationships can be difficult at times but relationships are equally important and need attention. Promise to make her your priority even amidst your work, friends, and other aspects of life.

I promise to share your problems equally as much as I share your happiness

It is easy to share your happiness with your partner and feel happy about their happiness too. But Sharing each other’s problems, and pain can be difficult but it makes the bond stronger. Promise to share her pain and problems as you would share her happiness.

I promise to love you unconditionally always and never will let you forget my love

It is a human tendency to lose sight of things amidst the crazy moments of life. Promise to let your wife know her worth in your life, and to accept her shortcomings and lover her without any boundaries and conditions.

I promise to always include you in my decisions

When you share your life with your significant other, they equally have the right to say in your decisions. Including your wife in your decisions can be the best promise and the best step towards keeping the relationship going.

I promise to do my best for us, and our children

Just like you take care of your wife, keep your relationship lively and joyous, it is important to take care of your children, and maintain a healthy environment in the family.  Promise to take care of your children and do your best for the family.

I promise to try and keeps things exciting always

To keep the spark of your relationship alive, you need to keep things exciting. Make your wife happy by doing the things she loves to do, on special occasions the Karwa Chauth, order Karva chauth gifts for wife, etc.

I promise to continue accepting you as you are

The way you accept the strength and goodness of each other, it is equally important to accept each other. Promise to accept your wife as she is, with all her flaws and finesse.

I promise to never part away from you

There may be times when things get difficult, due to misunderstanding, lack of communication, etc. Promise to stay together always and fight the problem instead of fighting with each other. Promise to never part away from each other, no matter how and what life has in store for you.

This Karwa chauth make your wife feel special with these heartfelt promises and some amazing gifts.