Expert’s Guidelines and Useful Tips for Perfect Ring Size Measurement

ring size measurement

Thanks to the price of an engagement ring shooting high, the need to find the perfect ring equals a hero’s quest. The journey of a perfect engagement ring begins with the perfect and correct ring size measurement. Given the fact that you would have to wear the engagement ring forever, it becomes extremely important to get a ring that fits seamlessly around your finger. While you might come across a dozen ways to get the perfect ring size, here are few tips recommended by the experts that you might want…

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How to save time while planning an Indian wedding in NCR


The modern society may have brought down its stance on marriages but even now, marriages remain the most important function in a family. Marriage in India is not just a union of two individuals but of two families bringing together their traditions, culture, food, and festivity. It requires a tremendous amount of work to have all preparations in place so that the wedding with all its countless rituals runs smoothly with less stress and tension of last minute errands. Here are some tips to keep in mind so as to…

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