Total Internal Reflection Experiment

What is total internal reflection? Total internal reflection is commonly used in designing the diamonds and fibre optics. The common examples of total internal reflection are mirage and rainbow. Total internal reflection is defined as a phenomenon in which a light wave hits the boundary of a medium and makes an angle which is greater than the critical angle. What is a critical angle? The critical angle is the specific angle in which the light rays travel from a denser medium to rare medium at an angle which is a…

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Unemployed Tutors Taking It Online

Unemployed Tutor Taking It Online

In this difficult economy, many qualified and highly well-known teachers across the country are finding themselves without tasks that they love due to budget cuts. With increased students going online for preparation and analyze help, one choice for jobless teachers looking to generate additional cash is to become a web-basedtutorin this “work from your home office” position, teachers can put their encounter and information to good use. This website can provide a brief, part-time, or even a full-time income for teachers who cannot discover tasks elsewhere. The world wide web…

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