Cams online make easy process to get mutual fund statement

mutual fund

Are you still run behind your mutual fund agent to get online updates about mutual funds? Or you are again logging on to the individual mutual fund website, entering your folio number, and getting the statement. My husband Dilip had been following his advisor for the mutual fund statement for the past one week. The advisor was constantly delaying it without any reason. The husband wanted to submit this statement for the deduction of tax under section 80C (ELSS). Does my husband have an option to get a mutual fund…

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One of the basic necessities of life is having a refrigerator at home. A refrigerator that works smoothly and comfortably at home is what we all need in today’s modern life. There cannot be a single in one’s life where he or she does not make use of the refrigerator for various reasons and that is why it has gained so much prominence in the field of technology. With this fast and constant development of technology, there has been a constant rise in the demand for different types of refrigerators…

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