Top 10 Feng Shui Products That Make Perfect Gifts

fengshui products

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science which developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a knowledge of the body that tells us how to balance our energies at any given space to ensure good health and fortune. In ancient times, Chinese artists used symbols of birds, animals, flowers, plants, and other natural objects to attract various kinds of energies and good luck. The heritage of Chinese art, Feng Shui, was sculpting and capturing the auspicious luck through beautiful figurines which is now a house-hold name in…

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Could Your Office Furniture Be Affecting Your Companies Productivity?

Could Your Office Furniture Be Affecting Your Companies Productivity

Offices are all about good working space, supportive management, and all the other good things which can make the organization a perfect space for the employees as well as the employers. But, at times, the other factors such as dull walls, stiff chairs, and congested workspace make it extremely difficult for the workers to carry on with their job. Due to this reason, it can make the workers feel inferior since a lot of people even have to spend an extra amount of time in the organization more than the…

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How Long Does it Take to Reflect Results Through Guest Blogging Services?

Guest Blogging Services

If you start with the guest blog or blog post services expecting the results overnight, then you must give up on your practices. None of the procedures of SEO can provide you with immediate results. Even if you make use of black hat tactics, you can attract the audience to your website temporarily, and not forever. So, it is always recommended that you serve the audience with good quality content, and you will surely avail of the results. The results may take time to get you amongst the top searches…

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5 Tips to Increase the Number of Views on YouTube

5 tips to increase the number of views on YouTube

Every month around 22 million people use YouTube.  It is one of the most used channels for edutainment among generation X. People enrich themselves with knowledge while entertaining themselves. However, to start getting views on YouTube videos is no cakewalk. There are so many contents and videos floating on YouTube. If viewers have to come back for more to you, your videos should add value to them. The more clicks your video gets, the more popular you become. Audience retention is a skill that only some people have. Everyone, who…

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