Want to discover the culinary heritage of India?

Want to discover the culinary heritage of India

Visit these oldest restaurants in the country and take home some delectable memories. MTR, Bengaluru It has been more than 9 decades that MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Room) has been serving the most delicious south Indian dishes to its guests. MTR in Bengaluru is more than just a restaurant and eating out here has become inevitable for foodies who want to treat their taste buds to authentic dosas and idlis. Moti Mahal, Delhi A name that is synonymous with lip smacking north Indian cuisine and excellent hospitality, Moti Mahal was started…

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Flight Tracking guide

flight traffic monitoring system

Most aircraft screen their positions through some form of onboard Gps unit equipment. Real-time air travel tracking includes transmitting that positional information through some form of data route from the aircraft to a recipient on the floor. Typically, this data route is either satellite (which provides coverage everywhere) or GSM/mobile (which requires anyone to be in range of a cell tower). Satellite, on the other palm, offers reliable coverage even in remote parts. Because they don’t usually have ground-based infrastructure in coverage areas, satellite systems aren’t influenced by localised factors…

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