Vidmate- The Fleet Footed Downloader

Every application providing utility to its customers is admired and appreciated in the form of a huge customer base and great influencing reviews. The applications providing numerous features related to video downloading are placed on the higher slabs in terms of growth rate and per hour usage in a day due to their widespread demand in various fields and for entertainment purposes too. One of the fastest growing applications hosting such services is Vidmate. What is Vidmate? Vidmate is a mobile application developed by Nancy Luo in 2016. It is…

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Switch to LED bulbs for a bright home

LED bulbs

What are LED bulbs? LED or the light emitting diodes are very efficient to produce light which is approximately 90% more than the incandescent bulbs. The LED bulb is able to produce light when electrons start to move inside the semiconductor structure of the bulb. The two components of a semiconductor are the positively charged component as well as a negatively charged component. The positively charged component accept electrons and known as holes. The negatively charged component has free electrons. When current is passed through a microchip the tiny source…

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Colors of Saree that Match Up with Skin Tone


A saree is saved for a special occasion when all the ladies wish to look the best. While choosing a saree or shopping online, it is very important to keep in mind the color of the saree which best suits your skin tone. Because a saree that doesn’t go with your skin type doesn’t look appealing, does it? Bright Blue Bright or cobalt blue color stands for boldness. This saree color is eye-catching and makes you stand out in the crowd. This color is suitable for many skin tones but looks…

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